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This Swarovski hedgehog has finally managed to get his paws on his favorite fruit. Depicted holding an apple, he is rendered in 538 facets, his posture and expression captured in a perfect life-like pose. While his body is fashioned from clear crystal with endearing black eyes and a black nose, the ..
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Elegance of Africa SCS Annual Edition 2023 Cheetah Mehira
The elegance of Africa is captured in striking form with this cheetah called Mehira – a name meaning “swift and energetic”. The slender animal has been wonderfully crafted in a beige colorway that symbolizes the warmth of the savannah grasslands, while exceptional detail can also be seen through the..
Ex Tax:450.00€
This adorable depiction of Cheery the Elephant is guaranteed to melt hearts. Crafted lovingly in 360 facets of pink, clear and black crystal, she sits playfully with a crystal bow on her head. Representing loyalty and devotion, this would make a charming gift for someone special. It is exclusively a..
Ex Tax:85.00€
Numbered Limited Edition Bull
-20 %
Fully faceted body in clear crystal with horns, ears, tail and legs in unfaceted clear crystal. Eyes in Garnet crystal. Includes smooth black finish display with 2 mirrors and designer's signature...
3,200.00€ 4,000.00€
Ex Tax:3,200.00€
Part of our first-ever Disney's Aladdin collection, this playful piece brings the fairytale to life with its depiction of the parrot Iago. The greedy and characterful minion of villain Jafar, Iago is crafted in 87 facets of vibrantly colored crystal. A must for Disney and Swarovski fans alike. Decor..
Ex Tax:175.00€
Elegance Of Africa SCS Ostrich Makena
Whisk yourself away to the vast African landscapes with this majestic Ostrich called Makena – a name meaning “happy one”. The curious, flightless bird has been crafted with 448 facets in a variety of shades and effects, which wonderfully harmonize together to create an overall look that symbolizes s..
Ex Tax:280.00€
Elegance Of Africa SCS Cheetah Baby Jabari
Adorable yet full of power, this dazzling figurine is a fine addition to the Elegance of Africa collection. The design depicts a baby cheetah called Jabari – a name that means “fearless”, and one that suits its confident spirit. The cub has been wonderfully crafted using a beige colorway that symbol..
Ex Tax:215.00€
This little Kris Bear is entranced with his balloons. The Swarovski figurine features clear, blue, and pink crystal with shining polished balloon strings, sparkling with 796 gleaming facets. Thanks to the silk ribbon, Kris Bear and his balloons can hang freely in mid air, sparkling all the more. A l..
Ex Tax:115.00€
Kris Bear appears in a family scene in this Swarovski figurine. A mother and baby bear in clear and black crystal enjoy a carefree and playful moment. The mother holds a pink crystal balloon and the baby bear plays with a blue rattle, their emotions captured in 965 sparkling facets. A charming gift ..
Ex Tax:155.00€
With exquisite attention to detail and inspiration taken from nature, this cactus figurine is a beautiful way to symbolize strength and endurance in your home. The design is crafted from pink, orange-pink, and green crystals with an incredible 2,951 facets. Each intricate angle catches the light, ma..
Ex Tax:480.00€
Bring back the joy of childhood memories with this dazzling little figurine. The cute design is brought to life in the familiar cockatiel colors and showcases expert faceting that will ensure the light sings from every angle. It’s a fun and sassy friend to keep in your home, or to give as a charming..
Ex Tax:75.00€
Celebrating the joy of springtime, this cute macaw is designed to make you smile. The piece showcases our master cutting in a combination of cool blue tones, creating a mellow look that will bring pleasure to your home. Choose it as a single, sassy bird, or give a pair to someone as a perfect gift f..
Ex Tax:75.00€
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